Wood Stripe Carbon Crystal Heating Pads

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Stay warm this winter at home or in the office on our durable, fireproof, beautifully designed floor mats.

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL HEATED BOARD: Can also be used as electric floor  heating mats, foot warmers, heated mats, heating film heaters, cats and other animals in the office or at home, Mobile heating adapts to more space, warmth is no longer limited to one place, and meets multiple needs

  • ★Power 50w, voltage 110V-220V, thickness 8MM, temperature 0-60 degrees
  • Working principle -- Under the action of electric field, the carbon crystal molecules undergo Brownian motion and friction heating; the carbon crystal heating film is a large-area planar heating material, and even if the carbon crystal heating film is broken down, it will not leak electricity and affect heat generation.
  • ★Carbon crystal electric heating pad have many advantages, controllable heating temperature and less wasteregular heating, can quickly heat up; operability is strong, use electric energy and other clean energy, no pollution.
  • ★The minimalist style combines comfort and practicality. Create a stylish living space and add some fun to life, adding warmth to the whole family.
  • It is a high quality electric heating mat. Super thin design, distributes heat evenly over the surface of the substrate. Warm the body and not the air in the room Your body absorbs the heat of the heating mat directly.

  • ★ The carbon crystal heating film has a service life of more than 100,000 hours, which is basically equivalent to a building.
  • ★ MATERIAL: Our electric heater pad is adopted the carbon crystal material, rapidly heating, 0 radiation, has a good effect of physical therapy. The hot carbon crystal pad is double waterproof (wipe clean with a rag)

  • Carbon crystal, the full name of carbon crystallite, is a crystal structure of carbon. Carbon crystal electric heating products have many advantages, controllable heating temperature and less waste; regular heating, can quickly heat up; operability is strong, use electric energy and other clean energy, no pollution. Due to the many advantages of carbon crystals, such as energy saving, environmental protection and safety, carbon crystal technology has a wide application prospect. Heating can replace traditional heating methods with high energy consumption, high pollution and high waste.

product description


  1. High voltage resistance: The floor heating pad can withstand test voltages up to 3750V without damage.
  2. High toughness: According to the test, the tensile strength of the floor heating pad is 20 kg.
  3. Easy to clean

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